Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1307.2173 (Brett A. McGuire et al.)

A Search for l-C3H+ and l-C3H in Sgr B2(N), Sgr B2(OH), and the Dark Cloud TMC-1    [PDF]

Brett A. McGuire, P. Brandon Carroll, Ryan A. Loomis, Geoffrey A. Blake, Jan M. Hollis, Frank J. Lovas, Philip R. Jewell, Anthony J. Remijan
Pety et al. (2012) recently reported the detection of several transitions of an unknown carrier in the Horsehead PDR and attribute them to l-C3H+. Here, we have tested the predictive power of their fit by searching for, and identifying, the previously unobserved J=1-0 and J=2-1 transitions of the unknown carrier (B11244) towards Sgr B2(N) in data from the publicly available PRIMOS project. Also presented here are observations of the J=6-5 and J=7-6 transitions towards Sgr B2(N) and Sgr B2(OH) using the Barry E. Turner Legacy Survey and results from the Kaifu et al. (2004) survey of TMC-1. We calculate an excitation temperature and column density of B11244 of ~10 K and ~10^13 cm-2 in Sgr B2(N) and ~79 K with an upper limit of < 1.5 x 10^13 cm-2 in Sgr B2(OH) and find trace evidence for the cation's presence in TMC-1. Finally, we present spectra of the neutral species in both Sgr B2(N) and TMC-1, and comment on the robustness of the assignment of the detected signals to l-C3H+.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.2173

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