Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1306.5614 (Haibo Yuan et al.)

Mapping the three-dimensional multi-band extinction and diffuse interstellar bands in the Milky Way with LAMOST    [PDF]

Haibo Yuan, Xiaowei Liu, Maosheng Xiang, Zhiying Huo, Huihua Zhang, Yang Huang, Huawei Zhang
With modern large scale spectroscopic surveys, such as the SDSS and LSS-GAC, Galactic astronomy has entered the era of millions of stellar spectra. Taking advantage of the huge spectroscopic database, we propose to use a "standard pair" technique to a) Estimate multi-band extinction towards sightlines of millions of stars; b) Detect and measure the diffuse interstellar bands in hundreds of thousands SDSS and LAMOST low-resolution spectra; c) Search for extremely faint emission line nebulae in the Galaxy; and d) Perform photometric calibration for wide field imaging surveys. In this contribution, we present some results of applying this technique to the SDSS data, and report preliminary results from the LAMOST data.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1306.5614

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