Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4694 (Esko Gardner et al.)

N-body simulation insights into the X-shaped bulge of the Milky Way: Kinematics and distance to the Galactic Centre    [PDF]

Esko Gardner, Victor P. Debattista, Annie C. Robin, Sergio Vásquez, Manuela Zoccali
Using simulations of box/peanut- (B/P-) shaped bulges, we explore the nature of the X-shape of the Milky Way's bulge. An X-shape can be associated with a B/P-shaped bulge driven by a bar. By comparing in detail the simulations and the observations we show that the principal kinematic imprint of the X-shape is a minimum in the difference between the near and far side mean line-of-sight velocity along the minor axis. This minimum occurs at around |b| = 4{\deg}, which is close to the lower limit at which the X-shape can be detected. No coherent signature of an X-shape can be found in Galactocentric azimuthal velocities, vertical velocities, or any of the dispersions. After scaling our simulations, we find that a best fit to the BRAVA data leads to a bar angle of 15{\deg}. We also explore a purely geometric method for determining the distance to the Galactic Centre by tracing the arms of the X-shape. We find that we are able to determine this ill-known distance to an accuracy of about 5% per cent with sufficiently accurate distance measurements for the red clump stars in the arms.
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