Thursday, June 13, 2013

1306.2902 (Jeremy A. Barber et al.)

Stirring N-body systems 2: Avoiding convergence    [PDF]

Jeremy A. Barber, Hongsheng Zhao, Steen H. Hansen
We study the evolution of the phase-space of collisionless N-body systems under repeated stirrings or perturbations, which has been shown to lead to a convergence towards a limited solution group, in accordance with Hansen et al 2010, that is independent of the initial system and environmental conditions. We address, and dismiss, concerns that such convergent behaviour was due to collapse through radial orbit instability. We further examine the effects of radial velocity kicks in rigid potential and isotropic velocity kicks. There are no energy exchanges in these two recipes of kicks. We find that these kicks do not lead to the attractor.
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