Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1306.2479 (R. A. Treumann et al.)

Incomplete-exclusion Statistical Mechanics in Non-collisional Violent Relaxation of Celestial Objects    [PDF]

R. A. Treumann, W. Baumjohann
Violent relaxation has been proposed half a century ago to bear responsibility for non-collisional dynamics and formation of gravitationally bound systems of extended celestial objects (agglomeration of stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies) when reaching an approximate equilibrium state which can be described thermodynamically. The Lynden-Bell equilibrium distribution of such systems, resulting from a spatial exclusion principle, had been shown to be an analog to the Fermi distribution of states in solid state physics. Real extended objects like galaxies do not completely exclude each other, however. Permitting for partial exclusion leads to a modification of the equilibrium distribution. Here we show that this case can be treated in analogy to a hypothetical incomplete population of Fermi states. An incomplete-exclusion equilibrium distribution is obtained which enters the violent relaxation theory.
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