Tuesday, June 11, 2013

1306.2090 (Yasuo Fukui et al.)

Molecular Clouds Toward the Super Star Cluster NGC3603; Possible Evidence for a Cloud-Cloud Collision in Triggering the Cluster Formation    [PDF]

Yasuo Fukui, Akio Ohama, Naoki Hanaoka, Naoko Furukawa, Kazufumi Torii, Joanne R. Dawson, Norikazu Mizuno, Keisuke Hasegawa, Tatsuya Fukuda, Sho Soga, Nayuta Moribe, Yutaka Kuroda, Takahiro Hayakawa, Akiko Kawamura, Toshihisa Kuwahara, Hiroaki Yamamoto, Takeshi Okuda, Toshikazu Onishi, Hiroyuki Maezawa, Akira Mizuno
We present new large field observations of molecular clouds with NANTEN2 toward the super star cluster NGC3603 in the transitions 12CO(J=2-1, J=1-0) and 13CO(J=2-1, J=1-0). We suggest that two molecular clouds at 13 km s-1 and 28 km s-1 are associated with NGC3603 as evidenced by higher temperatures toward the H II region as well as morphological correspondence. The mass of the clouds is too small to gravitationally bind them, given their relative motion of ~20 km s-1. We suggest that the two clouds collided with each other a Myr ago to trigger the formation of the super star cluster. This scenario is able to explain the origin of the highest mass stellar population in the cluster which is as young as a Myr and is segregated within the central sub-pc of the cluster. This is the second super star cluster along side Westerlund2 where formation may have been triggered by a cloud-cloud collision.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1306.2090

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