Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3371 (Takayuki J. Hayashi et al.)

VLBA Multi-frequency Polarimetric imaging of Radio-loud Broad Absorption Line Quasars    [PDF]

Takayuki J. Hayashi, Akihiro Doi, Hiroshi Nagai
We conducted the first multi-frequency polarimetric imaging of four broad absorption line (BAL) quasars using Very Long Baseline Array at milli-arcsecond resolutions to investigate the inclination of the non-thermal jet and test the hypothesis that radio sources in BAL quasars are still young. Among these four sources, J0928+446, J1018+0530, and J1405+4056 show one-sided structures in parsec scales, and polarized emission detected in the core. These characteristics are consistent with those of blazars. We set constraints on viewing angles to $<$66 deg for these jets, in the framework of a Doppler beaming effect. J1159+0112 exhibits an unpolarized gigahertz peaked spectrum component and several discrete blobs with steep spectra on both sides of the central component across $\sim$1 kpc. These properties are consistent with those of young radio sources. We discuss the structures of jets and AGN wind.
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