Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1305.1275 (G. Dubner et al.)

The most complete and detailed X-ray view of the SNR Puppis A    [PDF]

G. Dubner, N. Loiseau, P. Rodriguez-Pascual, M. J. S. Smith, E. Giacani, G. Castelletti
With the purpose of producing the first detailed full view of Puppis A in X-rays, we carried out new XMM-Newton observations covering the missing regions in the southern half of the supernova remnant (SNR) and combined them with existing XMM-Newton and Chandra data. The new images were produced in the 0.3-0.7, 0.7-1.0 and 1.0-8.0 energy bands. We investigated the SNR morphology in detail, carried out a multi-wavelength analysis and estimated the flux density and luminosity of the whole SNR. The complex structure observed across the remnant confirms that Puppis A evolves in an inhomogeneous, probably knotty interstellar medium. The southwestern corner includes filaments that perfectly correlate with radio features suggested to be associated with shock/cloud interaction. In the northern half of Puppis A the comparison with Spitzer infrared images shows an excellent correspondence between X-rays and 24 and 70 microns emission features, while to the south there are some matched and other unmatched features. X-ray flux densities of 12.6 X 10^-9, 6.2 X 10^-9, and 2.8 X 10^-9 erg cm^-2 s^-1 were derived for the 0.3-0.7, 0.7-1.0 and 1.0-8.0 keV bands, respectively. At the assumed distance of 2.2 kpc, the total X-ray luminosity between 0.3 and 8.0 keV is 1.2 X 10^37 erg s^-1. We also collected and updated the broad-band data of Puppis A between radio and GeV gamma-ray range, producing its spectral energy distribution. To provide constraints to the high-energy emission models, we re-analyzed radio data, estimating the energy content in accelerated particles to be Umin=4.8 X 10^49 erg and the magnetic field strength B=26 muG.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1305.1275

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